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Oprah's New Telluride Mansion in the Mountains Is a Sight to Behold

Whatever Oprah does, she does it big — whether it's a Christmas giveaway or the purchase of a new house. We're talking about the latter in this case, because she just purchased an extraordinarily lavish home for $14 million in the ski resort town of Telluride, CO. The 8,700-square-foot lodge has everything you can imagine and then some (seriously, it has a wine mine inside . . . aka a 56-foot-long wine cellar that holds 1,600 bottles of wine).

According to Zillow, the furnished, five-bedroom home also came with a sauna, a seven-person hot tub, and a "faux mining car that connects the mansion with a nearby ski trail." It's a tough life when your choice for the day is skiing next to your house or cozying up by a beautiful fireplace with wine you grabbed from your personal wine cellar. Keep reading to see all the gorgeous photos of the interior, and then check out more celebrity real estate here.


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