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Lake Como Italy Destination Weddings!

5 Reasons To Have Your Destination Wedding At Lake Como: Destination weddings are becoming more and more popular as couples don’t want the hassles associated with huge weddings in their town or city. Many find it much easier to simply plan a destination wedding with a few of their family and friends, allowing them the chance to travel and get hitched at the same time. While many usual go with a beach destination wedding, how beautiful would it be to say “I Do” with Italy’s famed Lake Como in the background? Still not convinced you should head to Italy for your destination wedding? Here are a few convincing reasons that might just change your mind:

1. One of the world’s most beautiful places Lake Como is considered one of the world’s most beautiful places with its picture-perfect views of the lake and the mountains behind it. It’s actually one of Europe’s most picturesque spots, meaning any type of wedding you have here will be beautiful no matter what. 2. So many villas to choose from Many couples who choose Lake Como for their nuptials opt to have the ceremony and part at one of the area’s numerous villas for rent. These villas are centuries old estates that are renowned for their beauty and elegance. So picture the lake behind you and the opulence of a timeless villa and you’ve got a sophisticated destination wedding like no other! 3. Cruise the lake after you say “I Do” Imagine you’ve just tied the knot and to celebrate, you take a cruise around the lake to make the day even more memorable than it already is! It’s a great way to seal your forever to your new spouse and a unique photo opportunity that you’ll never see in friend’s wedding albums. 4. A wedding with a honeymoon There’s no need to take a honeymoon after your nuptials since you’re already in Italy! You’ll be able to explore the quaint little town and then even head over to other Italian cities for the rest of your honeymoon so there’s no need for a separate honeymoon. 5. A different sort of wedding While all your friends have the same kind of wedding, you’ll be totally unique with your destination wedding to Lake Como! The luxury and elegance of Lake Como will blow everyone else’s wedding out of the water, making you the envy of all your friends!

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